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Top-Tunia Style

Top-Tunia Style

  • Original and exclusive flower colours
  • Suitable for full sun and shade 
  • For balconies, large containers, or even in gardens
  • It blooms from march until the first frosts
  • Compared to Surfinia, Top-Tunia is faster and immediately flowering
  • You may have pots and balconies in flower since April
  • It is advisable to transplant immediately into a larger pot or container
  • The plant growths in width till 50-60 cm
  • Ideal for large bowls in garden or outdoor spaces
  • The combination with Euphorbia, white Lobularia, Verbena and Bidens is very impressive
  • In summer water every day, especially if exposed in full sun or in small pots
  • Use good quality soil, possibly specific for Petunia with pH 5.5-6.5
  • Start the fertilization after about 20 days from the transplant
  • Possible adversities are aphids (plant lice) and mites (red spider mite)
  • Compared to Surfinia, Top-Tunia has a mounding flowering 
  • Therefore You can enjoy its colours on the windowsill even from inside home
  • It requires less water and fertilization than Surfinia