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Verbena Lanai

Verbena Lanai

  • Elegant flowering until autumn
  • Ideal in partial shade, in full sunlight it requires a lot of ground
  • It is used in containers, large pots and flower beds
  • Verbena withstands cold, in temperate climates even during winter
  • Lanai is the most vigorous and stury among Verbenas 
  • It becomes more or less trailing depending on light and temperature 
  • Plants bloom from early April to early frosts
  • It is advisable to transplant in a larger pot or container, alone or in composition
  • Combine with not very vigorous plants as Calibrachoa, Bacopa, Lobularia, Pelargonium
  • Use a good quality soil or specific for Perlargonium
  • Start the fertilization after 20-30 days from the transplant
  • Fertilize 3-4 times a month with specific fertilizer for flowering plants
  • Suspend fertilization in summer during the warmer periods and early autumn
  • Remove the withered flowers to encourage a better development of the plant and new flowers
  • Possible pests are aphids (plant lice) and more rarely the white butterflies
  • Some colours have pleasantly scented flowers: the most fragrant is blue, often white and pink too
  • The flowers of the Verbena attract butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects