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Calibrachoa Calitastic

Calibrachoa Calitastic

  • The widest range of colours in a beautiful shape
  • Ideal in partial shade, suitable for all exposures
  • For windowsills, balconies or baskets
  • Resistant to cold
  • Round and semi-hanging habit, very floriferous
  • A colorful pillow descending to cover  completely the pot
  • Calitastic blooms from early April to the first frosts
  • It is advisable to transplant in a larger pot or in a container, alone or in composition
  • Perfect to combine with white Lobularia, Verbena, Lobelia or Petunia
  • Use a good quality peaty soil, possibly specific for Surfinia (pH 5.5-6.0)
  • Start fertilizing after 20-30 days from the transplant 
  • Fertilize 3 times a month with specific fertilizer for flowering plants
  • Decrease fertilization only during the hottest periods
  • Add iron once a month to have always bright flowers prevent the foliage from turning yellow
  • Among the possible adversities aphids, more rarely mites (red spider mite)
  • Calibrachoa flowers look like a Petunia, but smaller, therefore resistant to rain
  • The leaves are not sticky like Surfinia
  • The longer the exposure to sun, the more the plant is covered with flowers